Porsche Cars North America automates dealer package process and improves processing time while significantly reducing shipping costs.

Established in 1984, Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) is one of the leading automotive manufacturers specializing in high performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans with 192 dealers in their network. The company had been using a heavily manual paper process from its beginning to manage dealer buy/sells, new dealer appointments and other dealer actions.

Challenges Faced

The exclusively paper-based processes required a significant amount of time/effort by employees to review information. To process a buy/sell, each member of the team received 4-5 binders filled with 700-900 pages. A binder was with one person and was difficult to access. There was limited storage space for dealer documents in Porsche’s new building and they needed a way to eliminate paper. There was also expensive shipping costs attached to each network change for the shipment and retrieval of paper documents and the back and forth process with FedEx resulted in weeks to get feedback and approval on packages. Each network change also required shipping several packages through overnight mail.

Realizing a Solution

PCNA was looking for a solution to improve the delivery of documents to dealers and streamline their process for managing dealer packages and make it more efficient.

Following a pilot with field managers, PCNA implemented Optimum Info’s Dealer Package Management System (DPMS), a cloud-based system designed to help manage the complete life cycle of dealer packages, standardizing all activities of the network development process.

PCNA was impressed with the flexibility of the system and the fact that Optimum was able to add/implement everything they asked for. Even after the launch, the system continues to be enhanced per Optimum’s suggestions and PCNA’s feedback.

  • A key component of the system was integrating dealers into the process and providing them with an online interface to submit documents efficiently while providing visibility to PCNA stakeholders.
  • The system features a library of categorized documents and allows for the set-up of package specifications which makes it easy for users to create and then initiate packages for dealers.
  • The system’s user-friendly interface allows dealers to collect, manage, and submit all required documents efficiently. Using business rules, the system ensures that all key information is provided and documentation is complete before the packages can be submitted by dealers to PCNA. By the time the PCNA staff receives the submitted documentation from dealers, the package is mostly complete and has all key information required for PCNA’s internal review.
  • The system also provides full visibility to the PCNA users regarding package status and enables them to communicate with dealers as well as internally through the system, thereby eliminating the need for tiresome follow-ups and phone calls.

Results and Benefits

Blue quotation marksAt my level, I could review and sign-off on the package regardless of where in the world I was travelingBlue quotation marks Former Director, Retail Development at Porsche Cars North America
  • The system has significantly lowered the time spent processing documents.
  • Allows every user to access the system from anywhere at anytime instead of having to review physical binders.
  • Eliminated the need to send several overnight packages for each network change saving the company substantial shipping costs.

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