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Automate the full life-cycle of your warranty claims processing

Comprehensive warranty management software to help manage the complete warranty claims process for companies selling high-value products through a retailer network.

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Warranty Product Details Management
Product Details

Capture and store vital product information, including Make, Model, Year, Custom Fields, Attachments, etc. Our software centralizes these details, providing you with a clear overview of your products.

User-friendly Warranty Registration
Warranty Registration

User-friendly registration process gathers customer information effortlessly. Define standard warranty packages and even customize additional warranty terms based on your business needs.

Claims History Tracking
Claims History

Gain full visibility into the history and real-time status of all claims, campaigns, and repair orders for each unit. Stay informed and make informed decisions with ease.

Advanced Analytics Workflow
Warranty Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with the built-in advanced analytical tool. Dive into claim cost trends and identify root causes, empowering you to optimize your warranty management strategy.


Analytical tool providing data and insights to help analyze claim cost trends and root causes

  • Streamlined Claims Entry & Tracking
    Enhanced Customer Experience: Seamlessly guide customers through the claim entry and tracking process, enhancing their overall experience with your brand.
  • Warranty Solution Efficient Claim Processing
    Effortless Claims Processing: Significantly reduce the time spent on adjudicating and processing claims. Our software automates the process, making it more efficient and accurate.
  • Streamlined Warranty Management Communication
    Streamlined Information Flow: Eliminate information barriers. Our solution facilitates smooth communication and information sharing across the network, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Cost-Effective Warranty Solution
    Lower Warranty Costs: Optimize your warranty operations and reduce costs, increasing your bottom line.
What our clients say

Change isn’t always easy but the switch from our old antiquated system to Optimum has been smooth and painless with very little downtime or loss of productivity during the changeover!

Director of Information Technology East

The system is very user-friendly and self-explanatory. The ability to review the history of each claim is also very helpful.

Supervisor of Product Services Champion Bus

Claim processing time has been significantly reduced by using the system. It used to take 1 hour to 2 hours to review a claim and now it is down to 15-20 minutes.

Warranty Manager Vac Con

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