It is commonly understood that flexibility is the only constant in our world – much more so in today’s world that is witnessing and benefiting from several forces that are challenging status quo. Technology is a key driver of such disruptions, which in turn leads to increased customer expectations and competitive pressure.

We recognized the imperative of change right from our inception as a company and have embraced it as a core value along with the flexibility required to support our customers in an ever-changing environment.

Flexibility is not a marketing slogan or a sales pitch for us. It is something that we practice on a day-to-day basis and is an integrate part of Optimum’s culture.

We embrace flexibility through the following three pillars:

  • Flexibility of our application solutions
  • Flexibility of our delivery services
  • Flexibility of our engagement model
Optimum Info 3 Pillars of Flexibility

Flexibility of our applications

This is implemented through how we design and develop our application solutions. We are focused on developing solutions that can easily accommodate user-specific requests and can also change from customer to customer through a series of configurable options.

While we maintain a standard core system that applies to all our customers, we also define areas of the application that are customizable for each different type of engagement.

This transparency allows us to make changes easily without disrupting the integrity of the system.

Flexibility of our delivery service

The flexibility of the applications is augmented by the flexibility in our delivery services that we provide with our solutions.

These services include full support of the system during and post implementation on an ongoing basis.

At Optimum Info, we invest a significant part of our development resources in building tools and functionalities that help with the complete administration of the system. These tools include Form Processor, Report Builder, Formula Processor, etc. that are not directly seen by the users of the system but directly help our responsiveness and flexibility.

Flexibility of our engagement model

The final and equally critical pillar is the flexibility of our engagement model and the flexibility we provide in managing changes in business environment and business requirements.

It is an article of faith for us to work together with our customers to manage changes that happen all the time in a company. Changes can be driven by internal company strategy or by external factors and can lead to changes in the system’s business rules, additional performance metrics, analysis reports or further streamlining of business processes.

Recently, many of our systems had to be updated to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was an extreme example, but there are several instances of smaller changes as well.

In all these cases, we consider such changes as part of the scope of our solution / service and incorporate them in the solution at no additional charges to our customers.

If one looks from one perspective, the above range of flexibility comes with additional costs. However, we do not see trade-offs in offering such flexibility as that is core to our being and culture as a company.

Of course, there are occasions when this approach gets tested and some requirements do go beyond the wide scope that we include in our solutions / services. We do discuss such situations with our customers in order to come up with a solution that works for all of us.

When facing challenges, what guides us is our mantra of flexibility. By embracing flexibility, we have been able to engage with our customers as true partners fostering trust, bolstering productivity, and most importantly providing high levels of customer satisfaction and a better customer experience.


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