IKON Field Operations Management Contact Reporting Solution

Improve the Efficiency of your Field Operations

Comprehensive cloud-based solution for manufacturers to improve the effectiveness of Field Operations collaboration with the Franchise Network.

Supporting the full life cycle of contact meetings and reporting processes

briefcase preparation for dealer meeting
Dealer scorecard and kpi dashboards IKON
Dealer Scorecard/KPI Dashboards
field activities calendar in field force management software
Field Activities Calendar
Electronic communication in field operations management system
Electronic Communication
Chat contact icon
Create contact meeting reports in field force management solution
Create Contact Meeting Reports
Attach support documents for field operations reporting
Attach Support Documents
Follow up on pending items in action planning
Follow-up on Pending Items
Collaboration people icon
Action plans in field force task management
Action Plans
Field assignments for field operations task management
Field Assignments
Dealer assessments for performance evaluation
Dealer Assessments
Tracking for field operations
Analysis reports for kpi performance metrics
Analysis Reports
Advanced search tools for data analysis
Advanced Search Tools
data feeds integration in cloud software for field force management
Data Feeds Integration

IKON Main Benefits

Manage all aspects of Field Operations activities, including reviewing dealer performance, scheduling dealer visits, creating contact meeting reports, assigning action items.

collaborate franchise network cloud software communication
Collaborate more effectively with the Franchise Network

The Cloud software is a one-stop location accessible from anywhere, enabling electronic communication between corporate, field operations, and dealers.

convert meeting discussions to task assignments
Turn conversations into actions

Convert meeting discussion topics into assigned actionable plans, that are easily tracked to completion.

full field operations visibility snapshot comprehensive analysis
Full visibility of Field Operations activities

Get a complete overview of your Field Operations activities with intuitive tools for snapshots and comprehensive analysis.

Leverage data for dealer performance kpi focused sales metrics
Leverage data to improve dealer performance

Measure sales and aftersales performance using KPI-focused metrics with drill-down capabilities.

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Commonly Asked Questions

IKON Field Operations system is both a comprehensive feature-rich system that can be purchased and implemented in a modular manner. The system has three major components: a) Performance Dashboard b) Contact Management and Action Plan and c) Corporate Tools like Field Assignments and Business Plans. Customers can buy each of the components individually based on their own priority and budgets.
IKON is seamlessly integrated with other Optimum network development solutions. Some of the key areas of integration include integration of financial and operational KPIs, integration of action plans across all applications.
The IKON system provides good insights into the field operations that includes a view of the level of activity in the field, the nature of activities in terms of the topics being discussed and visibility into the schedule of activities through a field calendar.

Additionally, many corporate / management tasks can be coordinated much better through the IKON system compared to the traditional way of collaborating through emails and tracking through Excel files.

With the above tools / features and more, corporate and regional management will get tremendous actionable insights from the IKON system.
The system has a Report building tool to analyze data and field activities and an ability to categorize data by network level such as national, regional, district, dealership.
IKON’s calendar can synchronize with Microsoft Teams / Outlook calendar. The user creating a contact meeting will also be able to see the meeting schedule on his / her Outlook screen directly. For external users (e.g., dealership personnel), the system sends a .ics file which can be added to the person’s Outlook calendar.
Like all Optimum systems, IKON is a multi-language system. Currently, the system supports English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Chinese languages.
No, we encourage high adoption of the system and offer a flat fee for an unlimited number of users to use the system. Our pricing policy is transparent, and we offer a fixed price based on the overall scope of the system and do not restrict the number of users. This helps with the adoption and growth of the system within the company.
We host the IKON application through the main cloud services providers like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. These are highly secure environments that ensure information security of the highest level. We maintain separate databases for each customer separately, thereby ensuring that there are no data security issues across organizations.
Implementation & Support
The core IKON system can be set up in 3 – 4 weeks.

However, data feed integration may take 12 – 16 weeks depending on the overall number and nature of data feeds.
For every customer there is an assigned account manager that corporate and field users can get to know and reach out to for support. We also have a support ticketing process in our systems where any user can submit support requests directly to us.
For emergency issues we can turn tickets around in a few hours. For high priority tickets, such as a defect, it can take 1-2 days. Enhancements / new features can take from a few weeks up to a few months depending on the nature of enhancements.
IKON integrates with multiple systems and data sources allowing companies to leverage their existing investments in technology. Our monthly flat subscription fee includes unlimited users and unlimited data storage along with data feeds management, thus eliminating costly per user fees and data storage limits while minimizing the need for internal IT resources. Moreover, we do not require any additional budget (change orders) for system enhancements, this approach helps IKON grow with our customers.
What our clients say

After using the system for over 12 months, I can honestly say that my initial expectations and project objectives have been consistently exceeded due to the hard work and dedication of Optimum. This company provides a winning combination of value and expertise.

Sr. Mgr, Dealer Development & Training, Kawasaki

Preparation for a contact meeting use to take 1.5 hours and now it is down to 30 minutes by using the system.

Senior Manager, National Network Development, Kia

My main goal is to support our field team so they can meet their objectives. That’s why I’m a huge supporter of IKON because it gives the field everything they need to be successful – they are not bogged down by multiple systems.

Network Operations Lead, Volkswagen of America,

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