Streamline manufacturers to dealer processes in the heavy equipment industry with flexible solutions.

Optimum Info offers innovative solutions to the Construction and Agriculture Equipment industry that take into account the specific requirements of the industry. Our Network Development solutions include Business Management, Performance Analysis and Field Operations Management and Dealer Package Management solutions. We also offer After Sales Operations solutions to help with Service Management, Warranty Claims Processing and Parts Order Management functions.

At Optimum, we understand the many challenges construction and agricultural equipment OEMs face when it comes to meeting the ever-changing needs of their customers. The increasing demand for a more personalized buying experience when evaluating equipment and the complex nature of servicing equipment in the field makes effectively managing dealer sales and after sales processes more important. Optimum Info’s solutions can help construction and agricultural equipment OEMs develop strategies to tackle these challenges.

As the heavy equipment industry is constantly evolving, our flexible solutions can help you stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible experience for your customers. Our solutions are designed to help your company stay connected and improve your performance.

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Sometimes we had our blinders on because we thought, ‘This is how it’s supposed to work’ and then Optimum Info would look at different solutions and come back to us with ‘What if we did this instead?’ which ended up being a better way of doing it.
- Heidi H.

Manager of North America Network Administration and Controls

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