Parts Ordering Solution & Tracking Dashboard

Increase your part sales and profitability

Comprehensive online platform designed to facilitate the full life-cycle of parts order management, starting from search to ordering to shipment and status tracking.


Accurate Database Enhanced Parts Identification
Comprehensive Database

Ensure accurate parts identification with a robust database. Enhance clarity by attaching pictures, drawings, notes, and files to each part.

Precise Search Efficient Parts Ordering
Precise Search

Find parts quickly and accurately using our precise search capabilities. Locate the right parts based on specific units, kits, and more.

User-Friendly Cart Order Efficiently
Convenient Shopping Cart

Effortlessly manage your parts selection with our user-friendly shopping cart. Save selected parts while continuing your search, improving order efficiency.

Real-Time Tracking Orders & Shipments
Real-time Tracking

Gain full visibility into order status, shipment progress, invoice, payments, etc.

Custom Pricing Tailored Rates
Flexible Parts Pricing

Customize pricing based on adjustable mark-up rules for each Dealer/Customer.

Built-In Analytics Sales & Profit Insights
Repair Parts Analytics

Utilize the built-in analytical tool that provides data and insights to drive sales and profitability.


Streamline parts order placement and processing, saving time and resources.

  • Boost Sales After-Market Efficiency
    Increased After-market Sales: Elevate your after-market repair parts sales, driving revenue growth.
  • Swift Fulfillment Quick Order Processing
    Rapid Order Fulfillment: Significantly reduce time spent locating parts and processing orders.
  • Retailer Insights Network Enhancement
    Operational Insights: Identify financial and operational enhancements throughout your retailer network.
  • Customer Satisfaction Boost Order Experience
    Elevated Customer Experience: Deliver superior customer satisfaction through efficient order handling.

Commonly Asked Questions

The full parts database required for the Order Management system is maintained in the system itself. Parts database can be integrated with a company’s internal Parts system – either through a daily file transfer or through a sync process. However, additional details can be maintained directly in the Optimum system.
We have a feature to define each product sold and link a production bill of material for the product. Therefore, a customer can enter a specific serial number and find out all parts relevant for the product. This helps narrow down the parts search and improve accuracy of the order.
You can link multiple images to each part number and the images are then displayed during the search process. The Optimum system can import images into the system through a file transfer process. Users can also import the images directly in the system and manage it themselves.
The system includes a comprehensive feature for you to define assemblies, attach assembly drawing and link parts to the corresponding location on the drawing. This will allow users to hover over the drawing to see details of the corresponding part and then select the required part to their shopping cart.
The system will notify your Parts team via email whenever an order is placed by a customer. Similarly, other steps of the workflow can also create email notifications to the person responsible for the next task.
Yes, parts department team members can make adjustment to an order including updating / correcting part numbers, changing quantity, offering an alternative part, etc. After the order is updated, the system provides an option to get reconfirmation from the customers before accepting the order.
The system sends an email. Customers can also track a part’s ETA via an assigned tracking number and link provided to the shipping carrier’s site.
The system allows users to communicate through the system itself and all communication is archived and available to company users for future review.
Optimum’s parts system can integrate with various credit card processing systems to complete a part order transaction. The Optimum parts system does not store credit card information.
Yes, new parts or updated parts information can be uploaded via a csv file as required.
No, we encourage high adoption of the system and offer a flat fee for an unlimited number of users to use the system. Our pricing policy is transparent, and we offer a fixed price based on the overall scope of the system and do not restrict the number of users. This helps with the adoption and growth of the system within the company.
Our systems can integrate with customer ERP systems / Order fulfillment systems via APIs or via secure file transfers.
Yes. We have a suite of solutions that can all integrate with each other. The parts system is directly integrated with Optimum Warranty solution and Service Management solution. Both these solutions share a common Parts database.
We host the IKON application through the main cloud services providers like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. These are highly secure environments that ensure information security of the highest level. We maintain separate databases for each customer separately, thereby ensuring that there are no data security issues across organizations.
Implementation & Support
The core Parts system can be set up in 4 – 8 weeks.

However, data feed integration with ERP systems will take 12 – 16 weeks depending on the overall number and nature of data feeds and the bandwidth of customer IT resources.
For every customer there is an assigned account manager that corporate and field users can get to know and reach out to for support. We also have a support ticketing process in our systems where any user can submit support requests directly to us.
For emergency issues we can turn tickets around in a few hours. For high priority tickets, such as a defect, it can take 1-2 days. Enhancements / new features can take from a few weeks up to a few months depending on the nature of enhancements.
The Parts system streamlines the order management processes significantly and makes it very easy and efficient to access information – helping save costs through efficiencies. The system improves accuracy of orders, which also reduces a lot of back & forth communication with customers – saving costs.

The system also integrates with multiple systems and data sources allowing companies to leverage their existing investments in technology such as ERP, credit card processing, etc.

Our monthly flat subscription fee includes unlimited users and unlimited data storage, thus eliminating costly per user fees and data storage limits. Moreover, we do not require any additional budget (change orders) for system enhancements, this approach helps our Parts system grow with our customers.
What our clients say

We looked at other online ordering and information systems for our dealers and customers. We decided to go with Optimum and they by far have met or exceeded all of our needs. Optimum fit our budget, they are very user friendly and our customers love it. It really was the right choice!

Director of Information Technology East

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