Optimize the Performance of your Dealer Network

Powerful financial and operational analysis system designed to help OEMs and distributors effectively analyze their dealer network performance and identify opportunities for improvement leveraging data from KPI dashboards, composite reports, dealer financial statements and more.

Trusted by 7 Global Industry Brands and their 4,000 retailers across 6 countries

Our partners selling high-value products through a retailer network rely on Optimum’s technology and service expertise to continually manage their business more effectively.


Performance Analysis Dashboards

Pre-defined and configurable dashboards / dealer scorecards to analyze performance of entities / composite groups.

Report Query & Data Mining

Highly intuitive data query tool to help user easily develop & manage their own reports / data extracts.

Ability to delve into granular KPI data to compare performance over peer entities.

User Tools & Calculators

Range of tools to run your own calculations and analysis. These tools include what-if scenario calculators, risk analysis, dealer scorecards, KPI alerts, composite group comparisons and more.

Business Planning

Tightly integrated planning module linked to dealers’ financial statements to allow them to easily create new business plans.

Submission Management & Validations

Highly configurable module with immediate feedback that allows for better management, tracking and real-time validation of financial statement submissions from dealers.


Ability to administer and configure a significant portion of the software without requiring programming changes, making the system highly adaptive to business changes.


Increase dealership profitability and operational effectiveness

  • Improve the timeliness and quality of Financial Statements submission from dealers through better processes
  • Provide greater visibility and analysis of dealer performance trends
  • Easily identify opportunities for financial and operational improvement across your dealer network
  • Be confident in the accuracy of the data to optimize business planning decisions
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I highly recommend the Optimum Info Business Management solution. Optimum has been extremely responsive to our needs and has produced many valuable and useful reports for the Regional teams as well as all of our Dealers.

Manager, Business Management,
Automotive Company
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How we efficiently implemented a solution for one of our Automotive OEM partners

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"Optimum’s Warranty Management System is the most comprehensive online solution we have used."

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Korean automotive company
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