Kia Motors Europe partners with Optimum Info for Business Management

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Jan 14 2020
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December 3rd, 2019 - Kia Motors Europe has selected Optimum Info’s Business Management System to initially launch in ten countries – United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland and Sweden – throughout 2020. With a dealer network covering over 80% of the European market segment, this system will help Kia’s markets in Europe achieve deeper insights into the dealership financial and operational performance, helping to improve the financial strength of their dealers. Kia was impressed by Optimum Info’s level of engagement and partnership approach during the pilot phase as well as the system’s functionality, flexibility and user-friendly interface, which made Optimum Info stand out from the competition

“In a nutshell it became clear that within Optimum Info’s business values, customer-focus and their satisfaction are a priority and are at the forefront of their thinking. While systems are important for the basic business, it’s the people element that makes the difference and for Optimum Info, their customer centric approach comes as a breath of fresh air.” – a Kia Steering Committee member.
Kia Motors Europe headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany
Kia Motors Europe headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany

Optimum Info’s Business Management Solution - An Innovative System

Kia Motors Europe is an industry-leading automotive manufacturer offering a wide range of vehicles through a network of distributors and dealers in 43 countries in Europe. Positioned in a market constantly changing and with the contract of their incumbent Business Management software provider up for a renewal, Kia began searching for other options and ultimately piloted Optimum Info’s system in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

Tailored for the automotive industry, Optimum Info’s cloud-based dealer performance analysis software supported by Optimum Info’s team of financial analysts, makes it easy for an automotive OEM to analyse the profitability and productivity of their dealer network. The system’s top features include configurable dashboards with dealer performance trends, powerful data query tools to generate reports, customizable KPIs, in-depth business planning capabilities and more.

During the pilot phase, Optimum Info’s developers showed flexibility and fast turnaround with requests for changes or additions items, demonstrating Optimum Info’s partnership values to Kia.

About Optimum Info

Optimum Info is a global business solutions company offering best-in-class Dealer Network Development software to companies in the Automotive, Powersports, Transportation and Equipment industries. The company operates in the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and Asia delivering user-centric systems and services.

Founded in 2009, Optimum Info helps companies to improve the efficiency and performance across their dealer networks through technology, constant innovation and strong partnership.