Kia Motors Italy first Big 5 Market in Europe to partner with Optimum Info for NOVA: Performance Management and Network Planning Solution

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March 4, 2022
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Kia Italia S.r.l. (KIT) - one of the biggest volume brand Market Share winners in Italy in 2021 (+23.8 % gain) - is partnering with Optimum Info to launch NOVA, a new Performance Management and Network Planning solution for its national franchise network development.

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Choosing an Innovative Solution

KIT needed a system to monitor network performance, identify areas for incremental sales and define the optimal network structure. By choosing NOVA, KIT recognized several of Optimum’s cutting-edge innovations, unique to the segment of performance tools.

One of the fundamental differences for example is the seamless integration of Network Management and Dealer Performance in a single tool, taking full advantage of the role-based access to the different areas of the system.

Revealed during the closing of 2021, NOVA was designed for manufacturers to optimize dealership distribution performance and viability for Network Planners, Dealers and the Field Team for monitoring performance, identifying opportunities and improving the dealer network.

Timeline Milestones

Optimum Info was able to successfully roll out the KIT Headquarter version in only one month, providing all Italian KIA dealers access to the NOVA System.

The rapid implementation of the system has allowed corporate and dealer users alike to familiarize themselves with the system for full use going into 2022.

KIT dealers will benefit from Optimum’s user-friendly intuitive UI as the integrated design is common to all modules of the Optimum’s suite of Network Development solutions.

With its innovative features and intelligent design, NOVA has raised the bar on what a Performance Management and Network planning tool can deliver.

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