Vac Con, Inc. streamlines their entire warranty process and reduces claims processing time by 70% through Optimum Info’s cloud-based Warranty Management System.

Since 1986, Vac-Con Inc. has manufactured more than 8,400 custom-built, truck-mounted machines to serve public and private environmental markets globally. Located in Green Cove Springs, Florida, it is a manufacturer of hydro-excavation construction equipment and one of the largest manufacturers of sewer cleaning equipment in North America. To accommodate growth, the company has undergone 3 different expansion at its Green Cove Springs site over the last 8 years.

The company sells multiple product lines, including combination machines, industrial vacuum loaders, jet rodders, and hydro excavators for a vast array of diverse applications.


Vac-Con had an existing system for managing warranty claims that was coming to the end of its technical life. The system was comprised of mostly files and documents, had little real-time updates capability, and was not scalable for a growing company and not flexible for changing business requirements.

Consequently, Vac-Con was looking for a solution that was easy to use, customizable, flexible, and available for use by the dealer network including the dealer shop floor.

A New Solution

Vac-Con elected to partner with Optimum Info to help modernize the company’s warranty management process and support the company’s future growth.

Some of the areas that made Optimum stand out were the analytics and reporting features along with the fact that the system was very configurable. The most appealing feature of the system for Vac-Con was the ease of use for both Vac-Con dealers and internal company personnel. The Optimum Info system also included additional features that were very beneficial to Vac-Con:

  • Warranty Registration
  • Claims validation
  • Parts Returns tracking

As per Vac-Con the “Implementation was flawless” – What was most significant was that all system features were functional on time. Big strength of Optimum Info is the speed of delivery to implement updates or customized features.


80% of Vac-Con’s dealers got comfortable using the system after submitting their first or second claim itself. Some larger dealers like the option to add additional users as there is no need to share logins. The system also provides 100% visibility into claims and allows users to extract actionable data to improve quality.

Results and Benefits
Claim processing time has been significantly reduced by using the system. It used to take 1 hour to 2 hours to review a claim and now it is down to 15-20 minutes.
  • Users can now provisionally approve a warranty claim and it does not get pushed forward for further processing unless the RMA is received
  • Users can generate meaningful reports
  • Phone calls to track warranty claims have essentially disappeared
  • Vac-Con is currently evaluating the vendor recovery module and performing test. This new module will support their efforts to efficiently recover warranty costs from vendors.
  • The system could also be expanded at some point to include the products of a small subsidiary company that sells similar trailer mounted products.

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