Hyundai Motor America (HMA) was, for a good time, looking for a system with easily accessible financial data that could be used by not only corporate, but also their field teams and dealers. The system they were using then made it too cumbersome for users to:

Access composite data:

It took about 1-2 weeks to make this data available to dealer users from the time of their request.

Generate financial reports:

This process would take up to 3 hours and required corporate users to export each set of data files into Excel to build the report manually.

Blue quotation marks We wanted a system that our field team and dealers would want to and be able to use. We needed a solution to support our business year after year Blue quotation marks, said Walter R., Senior Group Manager at Hyundai Motor America.

A Smooth and Intuitive System with Stunning Early Results

HMA selected AMOS, Optimum Info’s innovative Business Management solution, which launched in 4 months’ time. Cautious at first due to the surprisingly quick turnaround time of the system implementation, HMA ran the new solution simultaneously with their old system for the first 3 months.

HMA was not only reassured by the data accuracy in AMOS, but also stunned by how fast and responsive the cloud-based system was, integrating data from different sources.

Walter stated, Blue quotation marks We were blown away. The data in AMOS was in real-time, updating within minutes, while our old system was 1-1.5 hours behind. Blue quotation marks

A Seamless Transition for All Users

Optimum Info and HMA’s teams collaborated effectively throughout the process to help ensure the implementation and rollout of AMOS was seamless.

After a few live training sessions, HMA corporate users were able to train each of their regions with remarkable success. Blue quotation marks Within a couple of weeks, I was able to run report queries. The system is so flexible, it’s so easy to pull data and replicate existing reports, Blue quotation marks said Ceci C., Senior Manager at Hyundai Motor America.

Dealer enrollment skyrocketed from 200 dealers’ pre-system launch to 500 dealers after just three months.

In Walter’s perspective, Blue quotation marks Once you learn how easy it is to use the system, the ability to run your own reports, see the data, and analyze it – it’s like night and day compared to what we had before. Blue quotation marks

Key Features for Hyundai

Among the top features of AMOS, HMA highlighted the following:

  • Ranking dealers against various KPIs which get transferred and reflected in other areas of the system.
  • Easily generating custom user-specific reports by selecting KPIs, specific dealer(s) or region(s).
  • Easily selecting KPIs and dealer data to be displayed in a graph or chart format.
  • Ability for Dealers to compare themselves with their peer composites groups in minutes as opposed to requesting and waiting 1-2 weeks for reports.
  • Performance Dashboards with real-time data and trend analysis.
  • Financial Statement submission status screen with real-time feedback and validations.

Results & Benefits

By employing the AMOS business management solution, HMA was able to decrease the time spent manually building reports from 3 hours down to 2 minutes.

Walter recalled, Blue quotation marks Another department requested reports for financial statements and expected to not receive it until the end of the week. I entered the report criteria into AMOS and in 5 minutes I responded to the email request with ’Here you go!’. Blue quotation marks

With a new user-friendly system, HMA increased the number of Subject Matter Experts for financial statements as it became easier for everyone to use the system.

Productivity has significantly improved as corporate users are no longer the sole source for financial statement reports since field managers and dealers are now able to build their own reports in minutes.

According to the Walter, Blue quotation marks We no longer get calls from dealers asking, ‘Why isn’t the system working?’ Now whenever a dealer calls to ask for a certain report or data I say ‘There’s a feature for that that already exists in the system. Click here. Blue quotation marks

An Ever-Growing Partnership

Optimum Info and HMA are working together to continue enhancing the AMOS system.

Blue quotation marks I enjoy the freedom to do what we like with the system. Whenever there is a bug or new feature we want to add, Optimum Info takes care of it right away, Blue quotation marks said Ceci C.

Optimum Info has weekly meetings with HMA’s Dealer Retailer Improvement and Business Intelligence team to ensure that they are on top of whatever changes or enhancements they want in the system.

As part of continuous growth, Optimum and HMA are planning to add features for dealers to be more actively engaged in performance improvements. Optimum Info does not charge separately for any of the enhancements to the system which is in itself a huge difference compared to other solution providers in the industry.

Ceci C. remarked, Blue quotation marks The Optimum Info team is very responsive to our questions and requests. What I’ve seen in the last 8 months has been incredible. Blue quotation marks

Optimum Info Employee: Diana Lieu

Diana Lieu


Diana is a consultant for Product Development, Business Development and Marketing at Optimum Info, a company providing tailored software solutions for Manufacturers to improve franchise network development, dealer profitability, field operations and after-sales processes.

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