Business Management Solution Implementation Success Story

Hyundai Motor America successfully launches Optimum Info’s Business Management solution in an amazing timeframe of just four months

“ The team at Optimum worked diligently to meet our specifications and timeline. They coordinated expertly with our business units to ensure all cyber security, technical requirements, and program deliverables were met. It was a pleasure working with the team on this ambitious project.” Senior Group Manager at Hyundai Motor America

Embarking on a new partnership

When Hyundai Motor America (HMA) selected AMOS, Optimum Info’s cloud-based Business Management system, they were cautiously optimistic about launching the system within 6 months. The system was designed to provide the analytical insights to help enhance the performance and profitability of HMA’s dealer network. With AMOS, users have the flexibility to easily create customizable dashboards with drill-down capabilities, define KPIs and generate their own reports to better identify areas of concern and optimize performance across the network. The system also helps to improve the quality and consistency of the data submitted by dealers.

Taking on such a complex integration project to bring in accurate dealer financial data and setting up new validation, reporting and analytical processes would usually take considerable effort, time and budget. Together, we were able to implement this industry-leading solution efficiently within only four months.

Implementing the BM System

From initial Design to Launch, the implementation of this solution required a collaborative effort from teams located in multiple time-zones, including; developers, analysts, testers and account managers along with Hyundai executives. Optimum deployed its own proven methodology and internal collaboration platform to collaborate effectively and manage all aspects of the implementation with HMA. The system includes a wide range of tools and configuration elements that speed up implementation without compromising quality.

The Optimum team applied tools to easily map dealer input fields to HMA’s account structure through an easy-to-configure linking scheme. Once the historical data was uploaded, the team was able to implement the dealer financial statements using a template-based process.

All reports were reviewed and standardized. Once the team got alignment with the key business unit stakeholders, the reports were implemented through a highly configurable report builder tool.

As the basic building blocks were deployed, the system was configured with required Performance Metrics / KPIs and tools to help users analyze network performance.

The BM system was integrated with HMA’s own dealer portal for secure submission of Financial Statements and the access to the BM application leverages their own security model of Single-Sign On, thereby eliminating the need for user maintenance.

With a launch set for March 2019 for a network of 900+ dealers nationwide, the Optimum Account Management team worked with a persistent approach to accommodate the following:

  • Collection and validation of substantial partner’s business data gathered from different sources
  • Alignment of reports to a brand-new structure
  • Availability of personnel for verification and acceptance of the system
  • Customized KPI and Report definitions
  • Account mappings and system configurations

A successful launch

A highly configurable system along with a close and collaborative relationship between HMA and Optimum during the implementation process were key to a rapid and successful launch; The system was rolled out to all 900+ dealers and all 5 regions simultaneously in just four months – exceeding everyone’s expectations. Along the way, both teams accomplished the following:

  • Tight Project Management: All project plan milestones were met on time
  • Stable System: No crash recorded during testing
  • Proactive Verification: Ample time for smoke-testing application in-production
  • User Engagement: Training was provided on live-production data to Business users
  • Responsiveness: Requests for last-minute changes were processed on time

Dealer Network Re-Alignment

When HMA decided to realign their dealer network from 5 to 7 Regions, the Optimum team relied on their established working relationships with HMA business unit partners to once again successfully coordinate this update to the AMOS system including:

  • Region, District, and Dealer re-alignment mapping
  • Re-calculating all KPIs to historically reflect the new Regional dealer network structure
  • Proactive Verification: Ample time for smoke-testing application in-production
  • Testing all data and reports for completion and accuracy
  • Stable Go-live (no issues or crashes)

We look forward to continuing to work with HMA and helping them to maximize the benefits of this solution.

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