Champion Bus significantly reduces warranty claim management process time and increases dealer satisfaction by implementing an online and user-friendly warranty solution.

Champion Bus has been in operation since 1953 and is an important member of the REV Group of companies. Specialized in manufacturing small to mid-size Shuttle Buses, low floor Shuttles and Transit Buses, Champion Bus strives to bring its customers vehicles that surpass their safety, quality, and integrity standards time after time.

Challenges that Necessitated a Change

Dealing with a manual process, it took a long time for Champion Bus to get the documentation required to process warranty claims, leading to dissatisfaction among dealers and customers. Dealers had to send their warranty claims by either emails or faxes. Claim processing also required a significant amount of back and forth communication as all information was not available right away.

Champion Bus realize the need to streamline this entire process and implement a fully online tool to support this function.

The Easy Implementation of a Powerful System

Champion Bus selected the Optimum Warranty Management system after reviewing various options. The key benefit offered by Optimum was a very user-friendly system that was pre-configured to the needs of a motor vehicle manufacturer.

Optimum team worked closely with Champion Bus business and IT teams to rapidly implement the system and also automate the exchange of data files between Optimum system and Champion Bus internal ERP. The system was rolled out to dealers in a matter of few months.

The decision to go with Optimum’s cloud-based Warranty Management solution was strengthened even more by Champion Bus team’s and dealers’ reaction upon rolling out the system; They unanimously found the system much intuitive, highly functional and much easier to navigate through compared to other systems they had used.

Everything about the warranty registration process, record-keeping and the powerful reporting tools were the most appealing features of the solution according to Champion’s Supervisor of Product Services.

Blue quotation marksThe system is very user-friendly and self-explanatory. The ability to review the history of each claim is also very helpful.Blue quotation marks

Successful Results

Blue quotation marksOur partnership has been great. The entire team is very responsive and all requests are processed within a day.Blue quotation marks

Champion Bus was able to reduce the warranty claim management process time significantly and increase their dealer satisfaction. Thanks to Optimum Info’s ability to always look for ways to proactively enhance the system and attend to their customer’s needs, this successful partnership has been going strong since 2011.

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