CNH Industrial is a world-class global equipment and services company for the agriculture and construction sectors encapsulating well recognized and respected brands including Case IH, Case Construction and New Holland, sustainably advancing the world of agricultural and construction workers.

Since establishing in 1842, CNH Industrial has grown its North American operations to a sizeable network of over eight hundred independent dealer owners. With such a large dealer network in the U.S. and Canada, CNH Industrial was constantly looking for a solution to effectively manage processes for various dealership transactions such as new dealer appointments, approving buy-sells, relocations and several other similar activities.

A Proven Solution that Checked All the Boxes

  • All-in-One Solution: One convenient place to start the dealer application, create the dealer application package and conduct the approval process.
  • User-Friendly System: Easy for corporate and dealer users to utilize to do business, as opposed to using Word, Excel and Email.
  • Secured: Role-based access to ensure that the large amount of confidential information with dealer applications and prospects remained safe and secured.
  • Professional: Convey a professional image with a modern online solution among the marketplace of multimillion dollar companies.

Limited by cumbersome and manual systems of managing complex processes using Word, Excel and Emails to create and get approval of dealer applications, CNH Industrial was looking for a way to digitally streamline and strengthen their entire process.

In their search for a system, CNH Industrial wanted to work with a vendor with a proven solution and experience working with similar manufacturers, ultimately selecting Optimum Info’s APEX Dealer Package Management Solution.

Blue quotation marksWhat was most appealing in the beginning was that Optimum Info already had a solution that was tried, tested and proven with large OEMs. We didn’t have to recreate the wheel. They already had a system we wanted that was proven in the marketplace,Blue quotation marks said Heidi H., Manager of North America Network Administration and Controls at CNH Industrial.

Rolling with the Punches

CNH Industrial is a multiplex company with multiple brands and unique ways of contracting with dealers.

There is a natural level of complexity that comes with the implementation of the first dealer application management system for an organization of this magnitude, but Optimum Info took the time to carefully analyze each hurdle and developed a plan that would work.

Blue quotation marksOptimum Info did a fabulous job rolling with the punches for all the things we were throwing at them. That was very impressive. Sometimes we may have moved slower than we wanted, but Optimum Info made sure we were doing things correctly. We didn’t move onto the next step until we got the current situation under control,Blue quotation marks recalled Heidi.

Optimum Info not only incorporated the entire dealer application package life cycle covering multiple countries and multiple brands into one single integrated application, but also developed solutions to significantly improve CNH Industrial’s existing dealer application review and approval processes.

After identifying repetitive steps that CNH Industrial dealers were performing during the submittal process, the corporate team was advised with a new way of shortening it.

Heidi stated, Blue quotation marksSometimes we had our blinders on because we thought, ‘This is how it’s supposed to work’ and then Optimum Info would look at different solutions and come back to us with ‘What if we did this instead?’ which ended up being a better way of doing it.Blue quotation marks

All Systems Go

CNH Industrial expected to get their system up and running first before implementing their executive summary and approval process in the workflow.

They were pleasantly surprised when Optimum Info recommended launching the system, workflow and approval process all during the pilot phase.

According to Heidi, Blue quotation marksIt took me by surprise that we were able to do all of this at one time instead of chunking it all out. The teams that work with the tool appreciated us taking the time to put together everything all at once.Blue quotation marks

Key Benefits for CNH Industrial

Among the variety of APEX’s industry-leading features, CNH Industrial benefited the most from the following:

  • Highly configurable Document library in which users can select forms, legal documents, photos, etc. in the system to easily assemble executive summaries of dealer candidates.
  • Automatic KPI tracking of the application timeline.
  • Ability to capture all documents in one place to track progress and quickly identify which dealers have not submitted a document.
  • Built-in flexible workflow to process and approve various dealer actions along with electronic signature.
Continued Enhancements and a Growing Partnership

In Heidi’s perspective, Blue quotation marksIt’s been an overall great tool for the company. We’re very happy with the system and look forward to many more years of continued success.Blue quotation marks

Five months since the launch of APEX, 80-90% of the dealer application package workflow CNH Industrial conducts is now digitized instead of a manual paper process.

CNH Industrial projects this percentage to grow even higher as people become more familiar with the new system.

Heidi predicts that overall, APEX will help them cut down and improve lead time and turnaround time.

This is just the beginning of the partnership between CNH Industrial and Optimum Info.

Looking towards the future, CNH Industrial foresees an opportunity to add a dealer prospecting workflow into APEX, which Optimum Info will undoubtably incorporate to continue enhancing this one-of-a-kind system.

Optimum Info Employee: Diana Lieu

Diana Lieu


Diana is a consultant for Product Development, Business Development and Marketing at Optimum Info, a company providing tailored software solutions for Manufacturers to improve franchise network development, dealer profitability, field operations and after-sales processes.

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